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            Forged Steel Valve Series
              Ball Valve Series
              Check Valve Series
              Globe Valve Series
              Gate Valve Series
              Strainer Series
              Bellows Series
            Cast Steel Valve Series
              Ball Valve Series
              Check Valve Series
              Globe Valve Series
              Gate Valve Series
              Strainer Series
            ADDRESS:Baoxi road ,Dongou industrial park of Wenzhou Oubei
            TEL:0086-577-67371611 21811188
            FAX:0086-577- 67371612
            Y-Pattern globe valve 800LB
            Pressure-globe valve 900LB~2500LB
            Forged steel cryogenic gate valve 800LB
            sure-seal gate valve 900lb~1500LB
            Forged steel gate valve 800lb
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            Zhejiang Kezheng Valve Co.,Ltd.,located at " Villages of Chinese Pumps &.Valves " Oubei,specializes in producing
            various kinds of forged steel and cast steel valves.The company is a producer which forges the small-bore valve of steel specializing in various
            kinds of specifications, technical force is rich,there are such advaced equipment as mould forging,heat treatment, full-automatic numerical control machining, welding, as-sembling, trying pressing, etc., integrated large-scale production,the performance cost ratio is...
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            Address:Baoxi road ,Dongou industrial park of Wenzhou Oubei
            TEL:0086-577-67371611 21811188 FAX:0086-577- 67371612 E-mail: